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Dear Marketer

         Welcome to the best value in Educational, Library and Hospital mailing lists. Since 1965, Consolidated Mailing Service (CMS) has been providing quality, up to date mailing lists at a price/performance level that should well exceed your most ambitious expectations.

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Lowest Cost

          CMS is able to offer you such extraordinarily reasonable pricing on our mailing labels because we own and compile each list. Our base rental prices, for example, start at only $30/M. However, that charge permanently decreases in stages to a mere $18/M based on the cumulative amount of names you rent over a lifetime. This compares to an average price of $45/M for competitive lists. In addition, we donít charge you a penny extra for any type of special selection. That kind of customization adds an extra $20/M - $34/M to your invoice at other list houses.

Highest Accuracy

          The accuracy of our mailing lists is exceptional. CMS lists average a very low return rate of just 2%-3% as opposed to an excessively expensive 8-10% for competitive lists. Undeliverable addresses waste money on printing, postage and labor for items that will never reach your target audience. In fact, weíre so confident about the precision of our lists that we compensate you fifty cents for each return. Youíll find that our competitors offer significantly less for every package that isnít deliverable.

Up-to-Date Data

          Each CMS employee holds advanced degrees in computer technology allowing multiple employees to perform all necessary technical job functions. Our in-house staff is constantly obtaining the latest electronic files from the state and federal education agencies. In addition, CMS obtains the latest public domain census data to create a powerful combination of mailing lists and demographic information. Our recently opened satellite office in the Washington, DC area ensures we receive all early release data as soon as it becomes available from the Dept of Education. Lastly, we are in continuous contact with the United States Postal Service and providers of certified postal software. This allows us to guarantee that our lists are CASS/PAVE compliant with the latest postal reclassification regulations. CASS/PAVE certified lists can reduce your postage as much as $110 per thousand.

Attentive Customer Service

          CMS is a customer-oriented, family owned and operated company. Every owner shares a common commitment to provide superior customer service, and one of us will probably assist you whenever you call. Nearly four decades of experience enables us to provide sound advice about to who and where your message should be targeted. We accept total accountability for each job, and take pride in ensuring that it is done correctly.

          Consolidated Mailing Service can help you reach a higher percentage of Educational, Library and Hospital decision-makers for less money than any other list provider. Take the next step toward a successful direct mail program by calling us for a obligation-free quote today.

Consolidated Mailing Service

If you are marketing Head Start, Catholic Schools, Private Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, Elementary schools or Secondary schools, we have the mailing lists for you.  School Marketing, School Marketing Lists, Education Marketing and School Data are information we can provide in Hospital Lists, Hospital Marketing Lists, Education Lists, Education Mailing Lists and School Mailing Lists. These mailing lists can provide you with quality school data and sales leads.